BBQ Mat with Armor-Grid: 32 x 60in

BBQ Mat with Armor-Grid: 32 x 60in

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Protect your concrete, composite and wood decks from damage due to oil, grease and other liquids with our highly-durable and sturdy Just Suk It Up BBQ Mat.

The Just Suk It Up BBQ Mat is constructed from self-extinguishing, fire-resistant materials including a thick, bi-component fibre core layered in between an absorbent top sheet, that allows fluids to pass through, and a low-slip, leak-proof backing.  At the surface, it also features our patent-pending Armor-Grid that withstands the heaviest of uses and prevents pad from tearing. Lastly, the edge is stitched for a clean finish.

  • Top layer pulls liquid away from your BBQ allowing it to flow through to the super-absorbent core layer
  • Made from 100% recycled fibres, the thick core traps and holds on to oil and grease while allowing rain water to shed away and the top layer to remain dry. Within hours, the core also begins to dry
  • Finally, the low-slip, leak-proof 3-Mil polypropylene backing helps protect your deck by keeping it dry; will NOT discolour your deck
  • The core can hold up to 4 cups of liquid per 288 sq in - that’s 20 cups of liquid for this size
  • The mat can be washed using a mild dish soap (Dawn is recommended) and hung to dry

    Made in Canada 

    Available in Black, Brown or Grey colour
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    Downloadable: Safety Data Sheet


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