Under-the-Sink Mat - 24 x 48in

Under-the-Sink Mat - 24 x 48in

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Protect cabinet bases and avoid damage due to water leaks

The plywood bottom of a kitchen or bathroom sink cabinet can become damaged over time due to water leaks.

This highly absorbent mat can soak up to 4 cups of liquid per 288 square inches. It features a soft outer layer and a durable core that helps keep surface areas dry.

Just cut to fit the shape of your cabinet and lay it down.

Put cleaning supplies and other items on top of mat to keep surfaces protected.

  • Core is made of recycled-cotton fibre
  • Top Grid withstands the heaviest of uses and prevents pad from tearing
  • Leak-proof, this pad boasts a non-slip backing designed to withstand tearing
  • Sewn around the outer perimeter for reinforcement
  • Cleaning Instructions: Simply hose off with water, mist with a mild liquid soap/water solution (Dawn is recommended), allow to air dry and reuse

Now available at Walmart.ca and Wayfair.ca  

Downloadable: Safety Data Sheet